Rust Day One Edition - XONE

Survival is the key!

Rust is about naked survival in a dangerous open world. Hunger, thirst or wild animals are the least of your worries, because other players have the same objective as you. Build your shelter and expand your base bit by bit, team up with friendly players and try to stay alive, no matter the cost. Since this game runs without rules, you shouldn't trust anyone right away. Players are free to act aggressively, deceptively, or cooperatively.

  • Rust is a survival shooter from the first-person view. You are thrown into a harsh world and must ensure your own survival.
  • Hunt animals, pick fruits and make medicine, because in the world of Rust just about everything is dangerous.
  • Create weapons and defences. From simple melee weapons to automatic rifles - you'll have a diverse arsenal at your disposal, which must first be manufactured.
  • Build a hut so that you don't have to spend the first night outdoors. Expand your shelter and build it into a formidable base.
  • Friend or foe? It is not easy to guess the intentions of the other players. This is what makes the competitive survival shooter so appealing.
  • Explore a massive post-apocalyptic island full of dangers. Wild animals, scavengers and radiation will give you a hard time at every turn.

Day One Edition

  • The Day One Edition includes the "Future Weapons & Tools Pack" DLC in addition to the game "Rust".


  • Title: Rust Day One Edition
  • Genre: Survival / First Person Shooter
  • Age restriction (PEGI): From 16 years
  • Platform: Microsoft Xbox One
  • Publisher: Facepunch Studios
  • Studio: Facepunch Studios
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