Saints Row The Third Remastered - PS4

Gather your gang!

Steelport is your stomping ground, experience the peak of the Saints and go wild in the silly world of Saints Row.
The original city of sin, decked out in revamped graphics, has never looked so good, while sex, guns, violence and drugs sink their claws into it. But you wouldn't be a Saint if you didn't know how to put this to good use....

  • Saints Row The Third Remastered is a great open-world action game set in the bizarre world of the Saints. Years after the Third Street Saints took over Stilwater, the Saints have gone from a street gang to a household brand name, but fame is slowly but surely eating them up from the inside.
  • Hunted by a powerful syndicate, your gang finds itself in the city of Steelport, where one adventure follows another. Make parachute jumps with tanks, fight with satellites against Mexican wrestlers and much more, you will never get bored in this city.
  • A wicked selection of weapons, costumes and vehicles are ready for you and your Saints. Not every weapon makes sense, but they're definitely fun!

Remastered version includes:

  • All three mission expansion packs
  • more than 30 DLCs from the original version


  • Title: Saints Row The Third Remastered
  • Genre: Open-world action
  • Age rating (PEGI): From 18 years
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 4
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Studio: Volition
  • Deep Silver
  • 1027810

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