Saints Row Day One Edition - PS4

The birth of a legend!

The sinful city of Santo Ileso is dominated by crime, why not get a slice of the pie? Or how about the whole pastry shop?
This vibrant city in the southwestern United States is a veritable hotbed of criminal scum, but the gangs and syndicates haven't reckoned with you! Create your perfect crime start-up and get into the thrilling wars of the multi-million dollar corporation Marshall and the two street gangs Los Panteros and Idols.
Become the leader of the Saints and establish your own empire along with your best friends Neenah, Kevin and Eli.
Santo Ileso will be your oyster, the city just doesn't know it yet. Experience the biggest and best action playground ever and get ready for an insane story that redefines modern open-world games.
Create your leader according to your own imagination and customize your gang, vehicles, and appearance as you please. Thanks to the extensive customization options, you'll have more choices than ever before.


  • Saints Row is an action-packed open-world adventure from a third-person perspective. Create your leader and form the Saints, the new star in the Santo Ileso hood. 
  • Create your own vicious empire and take over the different neighborhoods. Take over the territories of rival street gangs and conquer contested territories in thrilling street battles.
  • Return to the roots of the series and experience a more serious story, though never boring, thanks to a decent dose of humor.
  • Choose your weapons wisely! A diverse arsenal is available at the disposal. Do you prefer a pimped-out rocket launcher, or stick to more conventional firearms? It's up to you!
  • The ground and the sky await you. Hop into one of the many different vehicles and airplanes or speed down busy runways in go-karts or fly across the street canyons of Santo Ileso in a wingsuit.
  • Experience all game content together with your friends. In location-independent co-op mode, your teammates can join and leave at any time.

 Day One Edition:

  • Includes additional "Idols Anarchy Pack" DLC pack. 



  • Title: Saints Row Day One Edition
  • Genre: Open World Action
  • Age rating (PEGI): From 18 years
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 4
  • Publisher: Deep Silver, Koch Media
  • Studio: Deep Silver Volition
  • Deep Silver
  • 1029070

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