Chivalry 2 - PS4

Enter the clash of metals!

Chivalry 2 is a first-person medieval combat game and puts you into epic battles amidst swordsmen and cavalry. Experience iconic battles and clashing swords to burning rain of arrows, sieges of huge castles and battles that could come straight out of a medieval movie. Dominate the battlefields and make the earth shake as you pull catapults and heavy war machines towards enemy fortresses, set villages on fire and wipe out evil peasant armies to finally defeat the enemy.

  • Multiplayer real-time battles in the first-person view await you in the sequel to the successful Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Experience a fluid combo system that makes the action on the battlefields even faster and more dynamic.
  • Fight multiple enemies at once and witness a groundbreaking mix of first-person shooter and multiplayer combat games.
  • Create your own knight from multiple sub-classes and fight with or against your friends via the crossplay feature, no matter what platform you play on.
  • After severing limbs, violent knock-outs, disarming, burns, countless arrows to the knee, broken shield and even drowned in their own blood, your characters will still deal out plenty. Bandages, resurrections, and the new downed status allow players to participate in battles until the last drop of blood is spilt.



  • Title: Chivalry 2 
  • Genre: Multiplayer Action game
  • Age rating (PEGI): 18 years and older
  • Platform: Sony Playstation 4
  • Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
  • Studio: Torn Banner Studios


  • Deep Silver
  • 1059139

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