Maneater - XSRX

Become the most powerful sea creature of all time! You are a shark and have to face a number of challenges, but most of them you can simply chew up. Witness a dramatic vendetta and this time take on the role of Alpha Predator. In search of your tormentor, a manic shark hunter, you'll crush everything that comes between your many rows of teeth.

• Experience the complete life of a bull shark. Just born, you will have to face other predators, especially the worst of them all - man. Maneater is an action game in which you take on the role of the villain.

• Evolution is the key to success. The role-playing shots make the brutal action game even more varied. Grow by eating and develop into an absolute killer shark. Different mutations make it easier for you to hunt for prey, so that in the end nobody is safe from you.

• The hilarious story is written in the style of a wildlife documentary, with a narrator always commenting on your activities. Your nemesis is part of a testosterone spraying shark hunter documentary.

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  • Deep Silver
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