Dead Island 2 PULP Edition - PS4 (USK)

HELL-A, City of Death!

The wicked zombie saga returns for the second spin!
In Dead Island 2 you will experience an absolute hell ride in devastated Los Angeles - among survivors also known as HELL-A. The unique blend of horror, pulp trash and dark humor lets you experience an epic adventure that outshines all other zombie games.
HELL-A is flashy, stylish and absolutely zombie-infested, yet an apocalypse isn't always a bad thing (except for the lack of pizza delivery services - that would actually be a gap in the market!). With a myriad of weapons and tools, it's up to the living dead - whether you prefer stabbing weapons, bludgeons, or tremendous fireworks.
You and a contemplative group of freaks, survivors have been bitten, but are immune to the devastating zombie disease. With enough willpower, though, you might occasionally release your inner zombie - you're still in Los Angeles, so this is good form here. 

  • Dead Island 2 is a gripping first-person action RPG and a feast for all pulp fans. Go wild in a merciless playground, perfect for adults with aggression issues, budding anatomy students and amateur butchers.
  • Los Angeles is at your feet - from the green suburbs of Beverly Hills to the idyllic boulevard of Venice Beach. Death awaits at every corner, but these things just won't stay dead!
  • The first-person combat is intense, instinctive and brutal. Slash your way through undead masses and really go berserk - who's going to complain? 
  • With six different characters to choose from, each protagonist comes with their own personalities and dialogues. Customize your abilities and specialize thanks to the brand new skill system.
  • Who is the greatest zombie slayer icon? Squad zombie hunt is even more fun, so grab up to two teammates and go on the hunt together.  

PULP Edition contents:
  • Main game Dead Island 2 for PlayStation 4
  • Banoi Reminiscence Pack DLC
  • Pulp Weapons Pack DLC
Notes on the USK version:
Experience the same brutal and gut-wrenching zombie adventure in HELL-A with the USK version - all features are included, inclusive all the creative possibilities of zombie schnitzel art. You can only no longer interact with zombies that have been killed once. And why should you? There are still enough "alive" ones out there that want to get to you! 
Coop sessions with friends - If you join a session with international version players from your friends list, all players can no longer interact with zombies that have already been killed during your coop session. The "international version" means specifically the PEGI version and all international versions. All players will receive a corresponding pop-up dialog. 
Coop in public matchmaking - as a USK version player you will only find other random USK version players here. Players with the international version will only find other players with the international version.
  • Dead Island 2
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