Dead Island Definitive Edition Collection - PS4

This holiday could be so wonderful... if there weren't hordes of zombies stalking fresh human flesh. Deadisland: Definitive Edition takes you to the tropical island of Banoi and lets you fight for your survival amidst sunny and lovely scenery - with everything you can get your hands on.

- The well-known first-person action role-playing game has been renewed: Explore the island and its desolate towns and beaches, this time in first-class HD graphics and completely new game models.

- Grab up to three friends and go zombie hunting in a team of four. Pick your favourite weapons and modify them to your satisfaction to tear up every single undead coming in your way.

- Includes all the DLC's released so far and therefore offers a long campaign that will answer all questions about the zombie apocalypse.

  • Deep Silver
  • 1033166

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